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Introduction The web3, which has long been based on the idea of returning ownership to users, has found its continuation in the MMORPG genre. The virtual world of an open format in which users can interact with each other without any difficulties in communication is something that from the very beginning had great prospects… What […]

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1 November 2022

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4 November 2022


The web3, which has long been based on the idea of returning ownership to users, has found its continuation in the MMORPG genre. The virtual world of an open format in which users can interact with each other without any difficulties in communication is something that from the very beginning had great prospects…

What are MMORPGs?

MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) is a type of video game that combines elements of role-playing games and a multiplayer virtual world. 

The main difference between MMORPG genre and regular RPG is that in MMORPG users can play with each other online, in an open world. While the RPG format limits players to the offline world without collective interaction. 

MMORPGs have a number of features of the genre that make it unique in nature. 

  1. Permanent game environment.

Adaptation in the game environment is one of the important factors of gaming success. Due to its constancy, MMORPG will help you quickly delve into the process and receive rewards for passing levels.

  1. Social interaction.

Established online communication channels help to improve your gaming performance. In some MMORPGs there are specific group tasks that require a certain level of group relations between participants. Also, MMORPGs often have the option of creating or joining an existing clan.

  1. Role-playing.

In any MMORPG, as well as in RPG, it is possible to choose a game character. But the main difference between them is that in MMORPG you can teach your character certain skills that are recorded in the game books. Thus, your character can try on different roles every day, while remaining the same character that was with you from the very beginning.

  1. A virtual world that exists continuously.

The MMORPG world exists separately from your supervision. That is, when you stop playing it, virtual life continues in it and changes occur. This concept gives a sense of analogy between the physical and virtual worlds and increases gaming enthusiasm!

  1. Game culture.

The MMORPG ecosystem includes a developed subculture that functions successfully. In the MMORPG universe, players define their own rules, taboos and slang. This internal microclimate helps gamers to quickly adapt to the gameplay.

History of MMORPGs

The history of video games developed gradually and was not always a super advanced technology. But thanks to the concept of the global Internet, where the community actively interacts with each other and can play any role, the MMORPG genre was created. 

And so, where did it all start? 

In 1978, MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) appeared, which is considered the very first MMORPG project. All gameplay was text-based, that is, it was necessary to prescribe each game command (movement, fighting monsters and collecting resources). A little later, a game prototype began to appear, which began to resemble the usual concept of the game. Over time, the MUD genre began to gain momentum and gain popularity among users.

In 1992, a more significant project was released, in which the mass events were involved – which became a defining component of the MMORPGs genre. The game was called Legends of Future Past. 

1996 was the year of birth of the Meridian 59 project, which is still alive and has fans. The game became innovative because the gameplay was built from the first person, which later became an integral part of the MMORPG world. 

In the same year, The Realm Online was released, which was developed in 2D format and had a significant advantage over its text-based ancestors. 

1997 once and for all made its adjustments to the gaming world and we saw Ultima Online, which had a large three-dimensional universe, and the avatar was controlled from the third person. Today there are 9 Ultima Online game expansions!

Finally, at the end of the 20th century in 1999, Asheron’s Call was released, which aims to combine all the best components of the previous projects, while being as unique as possible. A unique component of Asheron’s Call was a large storyline that was able to unite gamers from all over the world. 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, MMORPG developers did not even think to stop and the genre began to gain new momentum, improving graphics, gameplay and thinking through the storyline to the smallest detail. 

So, in 2004 there was a complete explosion in the gaming industry when World of Warcraft appeared on the game monitors, which quickly managed to overtake its competitors. 

Now, talented developers know that the gaming business can bring good profits, so the MMORPG genre will develop further in the vector of advanced technologies.

How do MMORPG games interact with NFT?

Today, blockchain technology in MMORPGs contributes to the significant growth of the community due to the absence of fees for the consumption of game content. On the contrary, users can earn by spending time in the game. Integrating NFTs into MMORPGs strengthens human ownership of in-game assets and ensures that rewards are received for participation in the ecosystem. 

Best MMORPG NFT games to play

  1. Kryxivia 

Kryxivia is a fantastic 3D MMORPG metaverse with an open world and user-friendly gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you enter the city of Kryxivia, where you can explore the game world. A mysterious mine is built around the city, in which you have to fight bosses and get rewards for it.

The game has 2 native tokens $KXA and $KXS. You can get internal tokens for normal actions in the game. For example: farming, killing bosses, completing quests or even investing in the Kryxivia metaverse bank. 

In general, the Kryxivia metaverse is a fantastic way to get a custom gaming experience in a well-designed metaverse. 

  1. MIR4

MIR4 – an incredibly beautiful world, built in the style of oriental culture will not leave any connoisseurs of the beauty of the game environment. MMORPG is built in PvP format, where you can fight with the help of the server. The game’s AI system means the security of your in-game transactions. 

If you are tired of the usual concepts of monster hunting, then the world of MIR4 is definitely for you! Because in the game your main tasks will be gathering, mining and crafting, for which you will receive rewards. During the game you will receive xDRACO items, which you can later sell through EXD or turn into NFT. 

The game has internal DRACO and HYDRA tokens. You can get them by mining The Darksteel and exchanging it for in-game tokens. By staking these tokens, you can make a profit. 

  1. MStation

Mysterious intergalactic travels to search for other civilizations and reveal the secret of the multiverse concept – now it’s not the distant future, but the current feature of the web3!

MStation is a futuristic MMORPG in which you will have to extract resources, perform daily tasks and defend MStation. 

The game has an internal token $MST, which can be obtained during gameplay for mining resources, protecting MStation or looting rare items from opponents. 

  1. The Killbox Game

A shooter full of real action with a hint of bloodshed, in which you have to play in the first person collecting elite squads and NFT in the form of weapons, which can later be exchanged and earned on it. 

At the beginning of the game, you can choose the mode you want: sniper or DM. The game is built in real-time, PvP confrontation format. In addition, the game has the possibility of VR, thanks to 360 degree interactivity. 

The Killbox Game has an internal token called KBOX. You can get $KBOX for completing weekly tasks in the game and for synthesizing NFT weapons. 

  1. Immersys

Immersys is a 3D MMORPG based on a fantastic open world. The main feature of the world of Immersys is that players receive rewards for owning in-game NFTs, thanks to the game utility. 

In the game, each type of weapon is a non-fungible token, which means a permanent reward for digital possession of NFTs.

Immersys has its own app store where you can use both paid and free vApps. In order to do so, you must own the NFT. Having these apps will provide you with access to the Immersys gaming environment and interaction with other users. 

Thus, the Immersys team aims to create a new format of digital world where players can play, earn and own with ease.

The internal game token is called FATE. You can earn it by performing basic game actions: collecting and burning resources, selling/buying NFTs with $FATE, etc.


Today it is clear that MMORPG is a viable genre that is perfectly complemented by blockchain technology. After all, during such interaction, there is a mutually beneficial attraction of users’ attention, which contributes to the development of the popularity of NFT and blockchain in general!

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